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Top 5 Holiday Must-Haves

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Top 5 Holiday Must-Haves

Whether you are the best grandma ever ordering Christmas gifts for your favorite cheerleader, or a coach ordering for your entire squad,
these five goodies are sure to bring joy this holiday season! 



Nfinity Princess Backpack DC105 


Riveted Megaphone CH9126  

Riveted Megaphone CH9126



Rainbow Chevron with Glitter Name Bow CH9700 


Boxercraft Cozy Crew CH7325

Boxercraft Cozy Crew CH7325 


Pennant Women’s Jogger CH7322

 Pennant Women’s Jogger CH7322



Happy Holidays and best wishes for the New Year,
from all of us at Superior Cheer!








Cheer for the Cure!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Think Pink!

Think Pink – October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In a sport dominated by females, October permeates cheerleading with pink poms, bows, and accessories in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. While these pops of color are fun changes from school uniform, the month itself sits heavy with the seriousness of the disease.

According to the American Cancer Society,
breast cancer is the second most common cancer in American women after skin cancers – one in eight women will develop breast cancer sometime in her life.

So remember the 3.1+ million survivors during October – and THANK YOU for showing them your support! 


Stats found at the following website: 

Product Feature: Made in America

Tuesday, July 11, 2017
Made in the USA

Independence Day and the month of July has put all of us at Superior Cheer in a patriotic state of mind. What better way to celebrate our country than feature some of our favorite products made right here in the USA!

Check out these star-spangled beauties!




Custom Cheerleading Uniforms
Dehen uniform #CH4001 | #CH4002 (left) and Motionwear
uniform #CH2100 | #CH2306 | #CH2253 (right)

Custom Cheerleading Uniforms

Whether you choose the Motionwear or Dehen brand, all our custom cheerleading uniforms are made right here for quality you can count on!

Did you know we never discontinue our custom patterns?
You will always be able to order additional uniforms to match orders from previous years.

Shop Custom Uniforms 












Custom and In Stock Poms
White/Silver In Stock Glitter Pom | Custom Lazer with
Narrow Iris and 2-Color Crystal with Narrow Met.

In Stock and Custom Poms

Ever had poms that fell apart after the first use? Do you have to pick up strands from the floor at half time? Not with Superior Cheer’s poms!

Our poms are constructed of American-made materials and then assembled – you guessed it – in America!

Shop Poms














Custom Megaphones
Custom Riveted Megaphone (with screen print)


Our custom Riveted Megaphones and the In Stock Original Classic Megaphones are durable, lightweight, and virtually indestructible! Opt for a blank megaphone to customize yourself, or contact a sales rep for custom screen printing. 

 Shop Megaphones













Custom Spirit & Battle Flags and Break-Away Banners
Custom Battle Flag

Spirit Flags and Break-Away Banners

Spirit and Battle Flags are a creative way to boost spirit in your performance. Or go big with a reusable Break-Away Banner customized with your school colors, mascot, and lettering!

In Stock & Custom Cheer Bow
Custom & In Stock Cheer Bows

 In Stock & Custom Bows 

For quick turnaround time, high quality materials, vibrant colors, and durability you can depend on, choose from Superior Cheer’s line of In Stock and Custom Bows!

Shop Cheer Bows 

Size Matters: Pom Edition

Wednesday, June 21, 2017
Size Matters: Pom Edition

When it comes to poms, we usually know what we want in color, style, handle type, and material.
But the question that always catches us off-guard is...

“What length of strand would you like?”

Good question. We thought it was worth diving into, so we put together some helpful information below.


3" Smaller poms typically are better for giveaways,
fundraisers, or just for fun! [We like the VE7504 Solid Color Metallic Pom Balls.] When it comes to performances though, leave these babies on the sidelines. 

Hand Pom VE7504

 These poms are still on the small side of the pom scale, but the 4” strand definitely serves a purpose. This size is great for youth groups who want to pack a punch with a great pom, but not have their little performers overpowered by too much fluff.

5"  The second most common size, the 5” is great for any age group or performance type, but with a slight competitive edge. The marginally shorter strands still provide the necessary flash in appearance, but they act more as an accent to the uniform or group, and less as a show-stealer.

6"  The most common size, the 6” works for just about any age group or performance type. This size can be used for dance teams, pom squads, cheerleaders, majorettes, etc., easily making it the most versatile strand length on the market.

7"  Just on the larger side of the pom scale, the 7” strand length is not quite as popular as it’s two little sisters. Put them to use in a pom dance to really show off those stellar strands.

While it may not seem that much bigger than the 7” (really, it is just an inch?), an 8” strand is on the verge of ‘floppy’ instead of ‘fluffy’. The weight of the added length pushes the strands down and creates a droopy pom.

The mother of all poms, the 10” strand is floppy and not really ideal for any use today. Remember when your mom was a cheerleader? She would have had these long locks, paired with a show or dowel handle, for a perfect vision of retro cheer.

We hope you found these insights on pom sizes helpful! Contact us online at 24/7 for all of your cheer and dance needs!

#LoveSuperiorCheer : Mt Vernon High School

Tuesday, April 11, 2017
Mt Vernon ‘wowed’ the crowd this basketball season with brand new Motionwear uniforms from Superior Cheer!

Jean Curtis, coach of the squad, exclaimed:

“I think the uniforms fit all the girls
very well – perfect material!” 
photos courtesy of Jean Curtis

Curtis stated that she had received lots of positive comments from onlookers. The MVHS cheerleaders had their own thoughts to share:

“Very comfortable and adorable!” and “I love how good they feel!” 

Thanks for the great feedback, Mt Vernon! Good luck to the seniors on all future endeavors! We hope your new uniforms made your senior year of high school that much more special.

Want to be featured on the Superior Cheer blog? Contact your Superior Cheer Sales Rep with some amazing pictures and let us know what you thought of your uniform experience!

6 Steps to Easy Ordering

Monday, January 23, 2017

Have you ever placed an order with Superior Cheer before? If you have, then you would know just how simple it is! If you have never ordered with us before, check out our 6 Steps to Easy Ordering, to clear any confusions about this process.

Step # 1 Pick a Style

#1-Pick a style!

Choose which garment or bag you like and what color options you want to see it in.
Step # 2 Choose your decoration!

#2- Choose your decoration!

See a design you like on our website or in our catalog? We can transfer almost every design we show onto any garment or bag. Found something you like that we don’t show? We can do that too! Want us to customize a design just for your squad? Sure thing! At Superior Cheer, we don’t try to limit your creativity with cookie-cutter styles and packages.

 Step # 3 Call to place your order!


#3- Call to place your order!

Now that you know what you want, give us a call so we can put together a sketch of your ideas! Our design service is completely free and we don’t limit the number of sketches you can see.

Step 4 Request Help with Sizing

#4- Request help with sizing!

Depending on what garment you choose, sizes can be handled a few different ways. For most items, we strongly recommend a sizing kit, however, sizing charts are also available as a point of reference. 

Step # 5 Order payment

#5– Order payment

Your order is set, er… almost. Payment must be received before we can process any order for production or shipment. Superior Cheer accepts most credit cards, or you may also use a check or a school/district purchase order. All of these methods are acceptable to put your order in motion. Check out our Terms for more info. 
Step # 6 Now we wait


#6- Now we wait!

Depending on the time of year, production timelines may vary slightly. Your Superior Cheer Sales Rep will give you an estimated time frame for receipt of your order. Be sure to make your rep aware if you have a deadline you want to make. We will always try to get it to
you in time if possible!


Now that you have your order, be sure to check it over for accuracy and let Superior Cheer know right away if something is missing or inaccurate. Our Customer Care Department is full of friendly smiles that are ready to assist you on the double! 

Are you ready to start ordering? Call us now at 1.800.776.1194

Accessorize for Winter with Style and Warmth

Friday, November 11, 2016

Accessorize for Winter with Style and Warmth!

Winter is the time to accessorize! With football season coming to a close, and basketball season building up, it's time to pep up your squad with fun winter accessories that are sure to keep you warm!

Zebra Stripe Knee Socks | CH6120
Zebra Stripe Knee Socks | CH6120
Knee socks are a fun way to add a pop of color to your slick new uniforms! Choose from eleven different colors in this fun zebra stripe pattern.
Sphere Headband CH7115
Sphere Headband | CH7115
*Best Seller* Add your mascot and graduation year to these fully-lined performance fleece headbands.

Spectator Scarf | CH7117
Spectator Scarf | CH7117
These fun scarves are a great holiday gift for your team, or even sold as a winter fundraiser! Add your mascot, school logo, or individual lettering to personalize your team pride.

Ridge Beanie | CH7111
Ridge Beanie | CH7111
This fun patterned beanie is sure to keep you warm with its cuddly soft Sherpa lining! 

Flashback Crew | CH8363
Flashback Crew | CH8363
Available in four colors, this stylish fleece crew is perfect for pre-practice warmth! Add your own custom embellishment to show your school spirit. 

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