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Why We Love Bows!!our post " ~A love letter ~

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Icing on cake, chocolate-coated candy, whipped cream on hot cocoa; why do we love bows? 

Because, they’re so… SWEET! 

Okay, but seriously. Bows may be the best part of cheer uniforms. You can glam it up with rhinestones, or go retro with bold solid ribbons. Bows are completely flexible and can make your uniform sassy and fun, or sharp and clean.

The best part about bows is you can fit them in to any budget! Have a crafty cheer-parent who can make them for the whole team? Great! Found a style in the catalog you just have to have? Super! Went to an expo and bought individually personalized bows with glitz and glam and flashing lights? You go, girl!

Bows are a great way to show your spirit, and with all the new ways to create your look, you’ll be confident in a bow all your own. From traditional grosgrain ribbon and modern dye sublimation, to a multitude of new materials and fabrics, your bow is limitless!

So on your search for the perfect bows, be sure to stop by or give us a call! In stock or Custom, we are more than happy to guide you to a bow you love!

Learn more about our favorite bows in our post "Get the Perfect Bow!"
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