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Team Bonding Night!

Three teens smiling at a slumber party.

With camp and summer vacation in full force, it is easy to get wrapped up in fundraising and the hard work that it takes to make sure you have all the necessities for the coming year. Don’t forget to show each other some love with a team bonding session! A night in with your cheer mates can be exactly what the doctor ordered to wind down and just have fun!

Here are some great ideas to get together and spread some cheer where it counts:

  1. Go Classic Make a reservation at a local restaurant and enjoy a fun dinner together. Finish up the night with a movie, popcorn, and candy, and you are set. Don’t forget to carpool – the drive is half the fun! 
  2. Lock it in, Dance it out Have a sleepover/lock-in at the school gym. Bring snacks, sleeping bags, and a messy bun. Don’t forget your favorite tunes! Dress code: Pajamas only! 
  3. Summer = Swimming What is better than a cool pool on a hot summer day? A pool party with friends, of course! Bring a beach towel and lots of sunscreen! 
  4. Go Local Have a theme park close by? A lake with a dock? An arcade? Whatever you choose, boost community pride by showing your comradery off at a local hub. You’ll be having fun and promoting school spirit at the same time. Go team! 
  5. Have a game night! Choose a couple of fun games to camp and gather at one of your team mate’s house one evening for a game night. You can bring Twister, Pictionary, Guesstures, or any game you like. You could even do this without bringing any games by playing something like charades where all you’ll need is paper, pens, and some ideas.
  6. Senior Scrapbooks Send off your seniors properly by gifting them a book full of all the great memories of cheer through the years. Make sure to leave a few blank pages to fill in this year’s fun! 

We hope you’ll give these ideas a try! Got a few ideas of your own? Or an annual team bonding event we should know about? Be sure to comment below and share your ideas!

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