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Not Your Ordinary Cheer Shoe!

Asics® Gel-Ultimate #9925W
Asics® Gel-Ultimate #9925W
Cheer shoes are a vital piece to a cheerleader’s uniform. There are specific features that separate cheer shoes from an ordinary athletic trainer. Let’s take a closer look at the newest cheer shoe from Asics, the Gel-Ultimate to see how it maximizes the features for your cheer team!


The main factor when purchasing shoes for your cheer squad is comfort. Cheerleaders are on their feet for long periods of time, and they need something that is supportive yet has maximum comfort. The Asics Gel-Ultimate has a built in Rearfoot GEL Cushioning System, which is a great benefit for tumblers who are often landing firmly on their feet.
Other important features you will want to look for in a cheer shoe will depend on the skills that your squad will be performing. Does your squad perform stunts, long tumbling passes, or cheer all year long? These different factors will play a role in the shoes you should purchase.

What's so special about cheer shoes?

Extra Support

Unlike other athletic shoes, cheer shoes have more ankle support and better flexibility for movement. This is extremely important for cheerleaders who tumble and perform stunts. You need a shoe that fits securely but also gives the cheerleader support and flexibility. The Asics Gel-Ultimate has both a leather and mesh upper support along the ankle.


Make sure to check if the shoes you are looking to purchase are for indoor or outdoor use only. If you are cheering all year long, you will want to purchase an “outdoor use” cheer shoe. The Asics Gel-Ultimate is safe for outdoor use, meaning it would be a great shoe for a team that cheers both indoor and outdoors.

Sole Options

Some cheer shoes come with finger grooves along the bottom sole of the shoe. This helps the cheer bases to have a good grip on the shoe of the flyer while performing lifts and stunts, helping to maximize his or her safety.

Brand Options

Superior Cheer carries all the best brands of cheer shoes, including Asics, adidas, Nfinity, Kaepa, Zephz, and No Limit.
Nfinity has just released the Rival, a great outdoor sideline shoe that is 100% synthetic leather, has stunt grips along the rubber sole, high spring EVA, weighs a featherweight 5.9 oz., and has a thick mid-sole for comfort that lasts throughout training!

Nfinity Rival
Nfinity Rival

Still looking to outfit your cheer squad in the discontinued Asics Gel-Ultralyte? Superior Cheer has a significant inventory to offer

Asics Gel-Ultralyte
Asics Gel-Ultralyte

If you are looking to purchase new shoes for your cheer squad, Superior Cheer can help! Call us Monday through Friday, 8am cst to 5pm cst, at 1-800-776-1194, or shop anytime online at!

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At Superior Cheer our passion is making sure your team looks and feels their absolute best. From bow to toe, we have you covered!

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